The Whalen Berez Group is an official Affinity Partner of NBOA. The WBG is recognized as a highly regarded educational interior design specialist providing a turnkey approach to NBOA members’ new building and renovation projects.




The WBG provides consultive procurement management services to organizations that are renovating or building new facilities. These organizations include but are not limited to Independent and Charter Schools, Hotels, Universities, Corporate offices, libraries, faith based schools, theaters and arenas. What sets us apart is our keen understanding of each project, which leads into the creative selection and procurement of custom and standard loose furniture, built in millwork and access to varied materials including wood, stone, metal, glass and more. The benefit to our clients is material consistency and coordination, on-time delivery and a more comprehensive understanding of project scope. This in turn allows us to achieve our most important goal of meeting the growing budget concerns of our clients while representing their specific needs in both creative and practical ways.

The WBG boasts over three decades of experience in creating over 25,000,000 square feet of successful interior environments. We believe that the WBG team is uniquely qualified to satisfy your project goals. The WBG carefully selects its venders based on expertise in project logistics, craftsmanship and the value their product brings to the outcome. We understand the need to design public environments that welcome and support their users on a long term basis. We strive to continually strengthen our product knowledge base and technical ability by finding new and reliable resources. We work with manufacturers worldwide with one goal in mind: to meet the budget goals and specific needs of our clients in creative and practical ways.

The WBG is an independent entity whose revenues are derived solely from client paid services. The guarantee we bring to the process is to objectively recommend project strategies and product solutions that are the best for each application. By focusing on what is best for the client and project, we hope to earn our place on your project team.

The WBG is where your vision becomes reality.

Both fiscal and physical.

The process that we use to complete projects on time and under budget is what sets us apart.

Our strategies and experience will ensure your project gets done in the most efficient and effective way possible.

How do we do it?

  • Objectively recommending project strategies without being restricted by brand, manufacturer, design, or any other limitation.
  • Acting as liaison and owner’s advocate between all parties involved with a project.
  • Applying our specific expertise at the planning and programming stages, when coordination and communication is crucial to a successful project.
  • Offering an opportunity of choices that no contractor, architect, builder or project manager can offer.
  • Resourcing design in a way that ensures the most value without sacrificing design integrity.
  • Managing the entire scope of the project, from start to finish, down to the last detail. There is no problem we will not find a solution for.
  • The WBG guarantees complete objectivity by only recommending project strategies and product solutions that are best for the application.
  • Explore the case studies below that are prime examples of the unique services and solutions that the Whalen Berez Group brings to any project.

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546 Navesink River Rd
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546 Navesink River Rd
Red Bank, NJ 07701