Fordham University School of Law

150 W 62nd St, New York, NY 10023

“The new tables are a huge success! Students are already using them. As of 4:30 today, the two on the 6th floor were both completely occupied and the other five were being used as well. We could not be happier. Clearly the students are thrilled. Thanks so much for a wonderful experience and product.”

—Fordham University Law Library Director

“You did a great job matching the new tables with the existing ones and the craftsmanship looks very solid.”

—Fordham University Facilities Manager


The WBG just installed seven massive custom study tables at Fordham University’s Law Library. They were given the task of replicating the library’s existing tables to accommodate for their growing student population. Sounds easy enough - until we ran into obstacles. The table’s existing light fixture was nowhere to be found, the table top’s laminate inlay was discontinued, so what did they do??

Location:150 W 62nd St, New York, NY 10023


Jim Whalen and Giana Castelli researched for weeks to find alternate light fixtures and plastic laminates to avoid creating custom pieces that would cause the project to go over budget. A near exact match was found for both missing pieces and saved the client about $1,200 per table from exceeding the overall budget. Three months after the projects fruition, seven custom tables were installed during the school’s spring break. Each finished product is 10’-0” long by 5’-0” wide, faced in beech veneer and laminate table tops, and beautiful linear table top lighting. The WBG even provided the task seating for each table; see images below.

The WBG can take any challenge and execute it on time, on budget, and in the client’s best interest.

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